Antioxidant Supplements | How Do Antioxidant Supplements Prevent Lung Cancer?

How Do Antioxidant Supplements Prevent Lung Cancer?

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Antioxidant supplements have been studied many times on their use and benefits. They have been tested to determine if they help in prevention and cure of various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, skin conditions and bad cholesterol. One area of medical science has tried to leverage on the powerful effects of antioxidants, and that is the area of cancer.

In particular, with so millions of people worldwide who love to light up a cigarette, doctors and researchers have been doing multiple studies to find out if lung cancer can be held off by a good dosage of antioxidants in a person’s body.

Lung cancer, or cancer in general, has been shown to be contributed by the formation of free radicals. What are free radicals and how do they lead to cancer? In simple terms, free radicals are molecules which are highly unstable, due to the imbalance of electron makeup in their makeup. Now these free radicals are a smart lot even if they do not possess any biological brains. They are on the constant lookout for that extra electron to help balance out and become stable.

To achieve this, free radicals will attempt to steal those extra electrons from protein molecules and other cells in your body. What happens next is that while they become stable, what is left of the cells that have had electrons stolen from them is that they are broken down into waste materials, which then build up toxins in your body and that leads to severe hits on your biological processes and functions. Cells end up mutating and this can lead to all forms of cancer.

Now where do these free radicals come from in the first place, which forces us to look into how to use antioxidant supplements to combat them? A large amount comes from the air you breathe in and the oxygen. Other sources include smoke that you breathe in, which means smokers are a high risk group with the huge amounts of cigarette smoke they choose to inhale into their bodies.

So an almost endless supply of free radicals are accumulating in our bodies and giving high risk of lung cancer. And this risk is not strictly on smokers. Non-smokers also breathe in second hand smoke, and tests have indicated that they might contain more toxic materials instead of first hand cigarette smoke. Just imagine. By consuming antioxidants, they help to stop free radicals from snatching the extra electrons from other cells. So the more free radicals that exist in your body, it works out that the more antioxidants you should be advised to have. Of course, one does not know just how many of these free radicals there are in each of us. So the wise move is to take small amounts of these health supplements each time and balance them out evenly to get the maximum benefit to treat cancer of the lungs.

Antioxidant supplements have long been hailed as a powerful prevention and cure benefit for various forms of cancer, including that of prostate cancer and lung cancer. If you suffer from prostate cancer, you may wish to consider the possible benefits of using these supplements to help in the management of your condition but not all studies have been overall conclusive so much analysis should still be done before you make any decision. As a supplement for unhealthy lungs, antioxidant supplements can be just as powerful, if not more, as other types of supplements available on the market, not to mention you should ensure you keep away from toxic substances that might put your lungs at risk of becoming dirty or unhealthy.

Getting a supplement for a lung that is unhealthy is not that straightforward, nor is it that difficult. You can try an antioxidant supplement for help in clearing your lung problem, or you can make a trip down to the doctor for some medicine. If I smoke, can I take a supplement to prevent lung cancer? That is also a common question by many people who are concerned about their lungs due to their smoking habits, but are not able to quit. The best solution would be to quit smoking, but it is something that is incredibly difficult to do. So the best supplement for lung cancer might be an antioxidant supplement or a combination of taking supplements as well as medical care and maintenance. Quitting smoking would also help and one should try no matter how hard. It also depends on where you live. Getting supplements for a lung problem in the US can be easier than in other countries due to the wide variety of such health aids available.

You might be able to get a supply of antioxidants from fresh vegetables and fruits, but before you know it, you will get sick of what you are eating and probably end up spending more money buying them. You also do not know for certain if they do contain the right amounts of antioxidants what with washing and treating them and containing other toxins such as pesticides. The best solution is still to balance things out with some use of antioxidant supplements. But the real question now then is, what are the best or optimum nutritional supplements one should go for to provide that boost of antioxidant benefit? What should you use specifically for antioxidants useful in the prevention of lung cancer? There are many online sites selling such supplements, and some of them target that of this specific type of cancer, so scour around and you will be sure to find one antioxidant supplement that is beneficial, especially if you smoke a lot.


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